Exposite - Niv Cohen


Van 30 juni 2024 tot 31 augustus 2024


Stadionweg 177, 1076 NN, Amsterdam-Zuid 

Overige informatie

Niv Cohen is a sculptor from Tel Aviv who lives and works in the Stadionbuurt in Amsterdam.

Niv sculpts objects from a sketch to a model, which he then turns into a piece of art. The sketch is only an initial idea, the final work reaches beyond its boundaries.

The raw materials he works with are objects he finds around the studio. He collects these objects by wandering on the streets in his neighbourhood, after which he creates his sculptures. Using this method makes it easy for the viewer to recognize the same familiar objects from everyday life and the way they are integrated into the work to receive a new meaning.

Upon migrating to the Netherlands Niv opened up his studio for children for whom he organizes art workshops.

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Niv Cohen

Niv Cohen

Niv Cohen

Niv Cohen

Niv Cohen

Niv Cohen

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